Fried bing Fried Pancake with Meat and Vegetable

Best used tender meat so it won't be tough at the end. For example: sirloin, pork butt, meat from chicken drumstick, etc. This food is a very typical homemade dish especially for leftover bing (fried pancake).

Bing is BIG so in the portion below I only use 1/2.

Meat cut into little pieces or ground meat 1 cup
Cabbage 2 cups (you can use other types of veggie too such as chinese cabbage, etc)
Big green onion (da chong) 5cm, chopped
Ginger 1 cm , slice
Fried pancake (Bing) 1/2

. Shred bing. You can buy a pre-shredded one too.
. Stir fry da chong, ginger about 1 minute, put meat then veggie.
. Put shredded bing
. If too dry add water. Cook for about 5 minutes
. Add salt for taste

Note: the bing needs to be cut thinly. Fried bing

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