Stir Fry Vegetable


Chinese likes to stir fry many types of vegetables: shredded carrot, beans, long beans, white luo bo, you cai, etc. Ití»s a very common homemade style dish. Very healthy and deliciuos too!

The idea is to cut them small/shredd the vegetables. First, fry green onion, ginger about 1 min. Some likes to add garlic too or pepper. Then add the vegetables. Sometimes you can improve a bit like: add mushroom, scrambled egg, etc. Of course, give a bit of salt. When things get too dry add water a bit by a bit.

Below are some stir fry celery, carrot,... Put cursor on photos to read the dish name.

stir fry celery stir fry carrot stir fry you cai
stir fry potatoe with green pepper stir fry green beans stir fry Toufu
stir fry Potatoe and Carrot stir fry bean sprout

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